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by the caption center wgbh educational foundation] [clicking and boinging.. >> announcer: the following is a paid program for brainetics. >> woman: can you imagine squaring a three-digit number in your head without a calculator? >> man: 483 squared. >> 2-3-3-2-8-9? >> man: awesome. >> woman: how about solving advanced equations off the top of your head like these sixth graders? >> man: go guys! >> girl: oh! >> man: yeah? >> o.k., so it's 2-6-3-1-6-9. >> man: good! >> point 6-1-5-3-8-4-6. >> man: good. >> 3-5-9-8-5-6. >> good! o.k., you're awesome! [girls squea [man laugh >> woman: these ordinary kids have learned to use their brains in extraordinary ways. with brainetics, the breakthrough math and memory learning system developed by math genius mike byster. >> brainetics teaches you every important learning tool that is not taught in schools. how to focus, how to concentrate, how to problem solve, how to memorize anything. when you have these tools and use them to your advantage, your mind becomes incredibly powerful. >> woman: these kids are seeing just how fun and cool learning can be and it's
by paramount television domestic syndication captioned by the caption center wgbh educational foundation] 97 >> the following is a paid presentation for l new proactiv plus, brought to you by guthy-renker. >> this is an amazing moment. every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. >> a whole new system, completely reformulated from the ground up.... >> ...that promises to heal your acne while improving the quality of your skin. >> one system that gives your skin everything it needs to flourish. >> it's a breakthrough your skin won't want to miss. >> get set for an advanced acne system that combines smart acne medicine with amazing new skincare. just look at these astonishing results. your acne heals faster pores look smaller and dark marks visibly fade. announcing proactiv plus the most anticipated new three step system from the number one acne brand in america and it's here now. >> this was me on a good day. i would have breakouts like that on my face three weeks out of the month. and now since i've started using proactiv plus, it's amazing how quickly
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)